Cerebral Palsy

Associated Conditions of Cerebral Palsy

Outlines the characteristics and manifestations of the disease that causes physical disability in human development.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy resource for parents and families. Includes news and legal briefs, glossary, statistics, and questions and answers.

Cerebral Palsy: A Guide for Care

Discusses the nature, symptoms, treatment, prognosis, physician's advice, and occurrence of the disorder to newborns and infants.

Dr. Greene: Cerebral Palsy

Explains the background, related concepts, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis of patients acquiring the neurological disease.

Forms of Cerebral Palsy

Lists the various forms of the motor disorder. With medical glossary and bibliography of sources and authors.

NINDS: Cerebral Palsy

Contains an article that deals with the nature, treatment, and statistics of people affected with the disease.

Origins of Cerebral Palsy

Resource for families and professionals on causes, types, associated conditions, and treatment for children with this condition. Includes education and adult issues.


Introduction to cerebral palsy and information on its causes, symptoms, screening, diagnosis, types, and treatment.

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