American Lung Association: Tuberculosis

Series of articles explore characteristics, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, living with tuberculosis, and in-depth resources.

Canada's Role in Fighting Tuberculosis

Contains historical info plus teaching resources, definitions and news about the disorder today.

CDC: Tuberculosis Elimination

Presents news about current outbreaks as well as training resources, definitions and treatments.

CDC: Tuberculosis Q&A

Provides answers to questions about the disease.

Charles P. Felton National Tuberculosis Center

Features abstracts, definitions, training programs and clinical services.

eMedicine Health: Tuberculosis

Illustrated article furnishes overview, causes, symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, prognosis, and drug-resistant TB.

Equi-TB Knowledge Program

Contains news and info about an international agency devoted to caring for impoverished patients.

Global Alliance for TB Drug Development

Find contact info, research and news about developing drug therapies. Tuberculosis

Disease basics include overview, types, diagnosis, treatment, pathology, signs and symptoms, tests, and treatment in asymptomatic patients.

Institute for Tuberculosis Research

Locate facility info, contacts and project info from University of Illinois at Chicago.

International Union Against Tuberculosis

Contains bacteriology, clinical info, epidemiology, controls and publications.

JAMA Network: Tuberculosis

Free article examines types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and related information.

Johns Hopkins: Center for Tuberculosis Research Laboratory

Contains FAQs, faculty bios, HIV info, antibiotic guides, news and more.

Medicine Plus: Tuberculosis

Publishes news, overviews, treatments, prevention programs and related conditions.

Mycos Research: Tuberculosis

Furnishes research about purified protein derivatives and custom mycobacterial products.

New Jersey Medical School: Tuberculosis

Offers news, department info, FAQs, training and educational resources.

New Perspective of Renal Tuberculosis

Displays info about a pathological substrate found in the parenchyma of the upper poles of the kidneys.

Philippine Tuberculosis Society

Includes news, research, training center info and field operations.

TB and U

A guide to tuberculosis, atypical tuberculosis and mycobacterial disease.

TB Investigation Project

Presents info about study of TB in the Russian Federation, United States and United Kingdom.

Topix.Net: Tuberculosis News

Includes news about outbreaks and related illnesses.

Tuberculosis Control India

Obtain background info, success stories, FAQs, discussion boards and research.

Tuberculosis Interactive Tutorial

Find a multimedia tutorial about the disease.

Tuberculosis Net

Publishes FAQs, discussion forums, images, classroom materials and a mission statement.

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