Throat Conditions

Aaron's Tracheostomy Page

Dedicated to a child who underwent tracheostomy for the first 4 years of his life. Contains information on the disease including treatments and precautions. Includes links to pediatric tracheostomy home care guide and history of the procedure.

Laryngectomy Life

Personal page offering information on the procedure, clubs, technology, gallery, and forum by a Laryngectomee.


Source for laryngectomee and larynx cancer information and resources.

Netdoctor: Tonsillitis

Offering an overview of tonsillitis and the tonsils that form part of the bodies immune system, with symptoms, diagnosis and problems that may arise.

NHS Choices: Tonsillitis

A UK NHS site highlighting the symptoms, causes and treatments for tonsillitis with video clips and details of any complications that may arise.

Find medically oriented information about the vocal cords, the voice and hoarseness. Provides information about diagnosis, therapy and surgery. Features photos, videos and audio recordings of the vocal cords and of disorders causing hoarseness. Includes links to other related sites.

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