Barrett's Esophagus

About Barrett's Esophagus

Contains defining factors of the disorder plus procedures for diagnosis and treatment.


Features a detailed overview of the disorder's signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Discovery Health: Barrett's Esophagus

Access an outline of symptoms, diagnostic procedures and treatments.

GI Health: Barrett's Esophagus

Provides definitions, statistics, images and more.

Health Link: Barrett's Esophagus

Contains a definition of the disorder plus articles, terms and related conditions.

Medicine Net: Barrett's Esophagus

Find FAQs, definitions and medical news.

NIDDK: Barrett's Esophagus

Features information about the condition plus research, images and more.

Seattle Barrett's Esophagus Program

Obtain facts about a the disorder plus research and selected publications.

STS: Barrett's Esophagus

Reveals answers to frequently asked questions about the condition.

Web MD: Barrett's Esophagus

Publishes general information about the disorder.

Wrong Diagnosis: Barrett's Esophagus

Delivers basic definitions, articles, terms, risk factors, complications and related disorders.

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