Life Expectancy

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Covers topics such as trends in life expectancy, life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, international comparisons, and calculating life expectancy.

CIA World Factbook: Life Expectancy at Birth

Charts the average life expectancy of people born in the same year, including total population, and male and female components.

Eurostat: European Mortality and Life Expectancy Statistics

An article providing statistics relating to mortality in the European Union, with links to further information.

How Long Will You Live?

Furnishes two life calculators based on data about Americans, additional health-related information, and explanation of calculations.

Life Expectancy: Social Security History

The Social Security Administration offers life expectancy statistics from the 1930s and the impact on social security solvency.

Life Expectancy: UC Atlas of Global Inequality

Provides statistics regarding the gap in life expectancy among countries globally.

National Center for Health Statistics: Life Expectancy

Offers several data sets regarding life expectancy from the CDC. Maintained by the office of information services.

Statistics Canada: Life Expectancy

Offers the latest information on life expectancy from Statistics Canada, including tables and articles.

World Life Expectancy

Mouse over an interactive map of the world to view life expectancies in each location. View a table showing countries with highest to lowest expectancies and learn about how life expectancy can be improved.

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