Amphetamines Abuse


Article talks about the potent psychomotor stimulant. Also features image of the addictive chemical.

Open information on methamphetamine and Ice.

Community Action Team

Organization strives to reduce the impact of methamphetamine labs and related crimes. Provides information about stimulants abuse and addiction.

Crystal Meth Maximum Speed

Article talks about the adverse results of the use of methamphetamines. Also mentions author and date of publication.

Drug War Facts: Methamphetamine

Enumerates information on the use of methamphetamines and its awful effects to the body. Also features references of related articles.

Faces of Meth

Contains articles on the ill effects of methamphetamines. Also features images of people who used the stimulant.

MedlinePlus: Methamphetamine

Information from National Institutes of Health covers street names, description, overview, latest news, symptoms of use, and related issues.

Meth Addiction Recovery

Provides information on the adverse effects of methamphethamine use. Also includes drug statistics and history.


Provides overview of the addictive stimulant, its effects and treatment. Also includes publications and presentations regarding drug dependence.

NIDA: Methamphetamine

Offers a brief overview of the drug and a variety of publications and educational resources.

No One Ever Tries Meth Just Once

Article briefs on the adverse effects of addictive stimulants. Also includes research articles about chemical dependence. Methamphetamine

Reviews what it is, how it works, forms, names, how it's made, and where it originates.

Aims to provide gay and bisexual men better understanding about methamphetamines. Also contains archive of homosexual stories.


Contains brief article about the stimulant derived from amphetamine. Also provides information on the effects and risk factors of taking the substance.

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