Drug Abuse

Buprenorphine Doctors

Provides a directory of treatment facilities and doctors specializing in substance abuse.


Serves as a comprehensive resource for parents on understanding and dealing with drug addiction in children and teenagers. Covers the most common drugs available, from stimulants to hallucinogens.

Club Drugs

Discusses about addictive chemicals used in night parties and bars. Also contains research reports on substance abuse.

Drug and Death

Highlights a presentation on substance abuse prevention. Also contains images of cocaine, heroin and marijuana.

Drug Enforcement Administration

Provides information on cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Also features updates on the organization’s programs and operations.

Drug Free Pennsylvania

Corporation campaigns against substance abuse through public service, media literacy in schools, and workplace projects in businesses. Provides contact information.

Heroin Addiction Help

Information on the adverse effects of heroin, including background data as well as a real solution for rehabilitation.

Life or Meth

Explains what it is, manufacture, hazards, effects, and education program.

Narcotics Anonymous

Resources designed to help addicts kick the habit.

National Information Center for Pain Medication Addiction

Free service offering help to people seeking answers or more information about pain medication addiction.

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Establishes policies, priorities, and objectives for United States substance abuse control programs. Shows list of publications on chemical dependence.

Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey

Anti-drug alliance localizes and strengthens chemical dependence prevention. Also includes history of researches.

Say No to Drugs

Contains lists of American politicians who received contributions from liquor and tobacco companies. Also provides information on the harmful effects of Marijuana abuse.

Street Drugs

Contains lists of addictive substances. Also includes publications on chemical dependence and related issues.

Street Terms

Contains common and popular names of specific drugs. Also includes articles about marijuana use.

TeenHelp.com: Teen Drug Abuse

Drug related articles including prevention information, warning signs, and treatment resources.

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