Kings of Chaos Clans

Achaemenid Persian Army

Offers introductory info and registration links.

AL2's Chaos Page

Contains news, game info, members and recruiting forms.

Bruges Army

Contains forums, allies, registration procedures and events.


Delivers message boards, recruiters, rules, allies and more.

Knights Rule All

Includes forums, recruiting details, allies and news.

Last Alliance

Includes rules, members, events, forums and registration applications.

Lord Galdor's Clan

Access recruiting info, technical assistance, allies and general discussions.

Order of Chaos

Includes member profiles, registration info, news and message boards.

Order of Sion

Find rankings, forums and registration forms.

Order of the Death Bubble

Access information about the clan as well as registration procedures.


Delivers members, events, forums, notes about diplomacy and applications for membership.

Search and Destroy

Delivers info about clan plus forums and registration forms.

Silent Hood

Contains member info, registration procedures and discussion forums.


Presents news, membership info and discussions.

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