Arcade Emulation


Arcade emulator that runs most of the classic Capcom arcade games.


Home of the laserdisc game emulator. Site offers software downloads, news, user forums, and program documentation.


Official site of the emulator developer that created Zinc.

FinalBurn Alpha

Cross-platform open source emulator allows players to play various popular arcade games including Capcom CPS-1, CPS-2 and CPS-3; SNK Neo-Geo, Taito F2/F3, Sega System 16/18, Toaplan, and Cave.


Designed for the CPS-1, CPS-2, and the NeoGeo systems running with Windows based personal computers. Works well even on less powerful computer systems and offers an online playing option using Kaillera.

Multiple Emulator Super System

Play a variety of arcade games with this arcade widely-compatible emulator. Information on supported systems provided.


Emulates hardware for CAPCOM CPS2 boards. Playable games include Super Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha series, games with Marvel characters and the Dungeons and Dragons series.


Emulator for M68000 and M68020 arcade games, focusing on the Taito and Jaleco game hardware.

Sega Modeler

Windows, Linux and Macintosh compatible arcade emulator that currently supports Sega 32, Sega 32 Multi, and Sega Model 1 arcade gaming systems.


Multi-game arcade emulator supporting games based around the 6502, 6809, Z80, 8086 or 68000 processors. Features an assembly language core that optimizes processing speed and smoothness even on less powerful computer systems.

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