Mathematical Brain Teasers


Provides a description, shows resources, and gives player guides of the extension module.

IBM Research: Ponder This

Explores the logical and mathematical problems posed by the IBM research team. Details solutions.

K-12 Math Puzzles

Compilation of math puzzles and brain teasers including site visitor submissions.


Puzzles that make you smarter. Mathematical puzzles created by the Kenerator, that are then assessed for difficulty and marked easy or medium. Find rules, tutorials, and solving tips.

Leisure Ideas: Puzzles

Collates and presents a list of mathematical puzzles with hints and solutions.

Mathematical Jigsaw Puzzles

Discusses the history and rules on the various polyominos and square puzzles.

Features a searchable collection of math problems with respective difficulty ratings.

Monty Hall Game

Provides an interactive demonstration on the empirical effects of statistics.

The Monty Hall Problem

Presents the theories of probability on the puzzles and explains solutions.


Strategic puzzle is fun for those who love Sudoku and Rubik's Cube.


Compiles a collection of logic problems, mathematical puzzles, and scientific games.

Quick Logic Puzzles

Explains the mission of the organization, presents the club's puzzles and problems, and gives relevant links.


Gives answers to technical questions, programming problems, and brain teasers.

The Truth Tree's Math and Logic Board

Presents an archive of mathematics and logic problems arranged by difficulty level.

Two Envelope Paradox

Discusses the solution of the paradox and gives highlights of the probabilities.

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