Internet Play-By-Email Games

A Game of Thrones Play by Email Forums

Presents game discussions, updates on game proceedings, summaries, rules, and files.


Napoleonic play-by-email war game. Presents the game's history, questions and answers, news, downloads, and forums.

The Email Game

Web application designed to transform a traditional email system into a game. Presents a video on how to play.

Correspondence gaming site featuring the common games of chess, backgammon, checkers, N-in-a-Row, World Domination, and more.


Enables the playing of board and strategy games via email including Battleorcs, chess, 4 in a Row, Flip-o-thello, and Gomoku.


Play "Net Price is Right" in this website, in either high or low bandwidth access.

PBEM Emporium

Features a number of play-by-email and online board games. With links to related sites.


Provides resources for role-players particularly in the play-by-email aspect. With discussion forums and some downloadable items.

Directory of Play By Email players. Posts discussions, shares tips, and provides helpful playing resources including articles and a glossary.

Serves as a gateway to different online avenues for playing by mail as well as to related articles and game resources.


Complete online play-by-mail gaming site also maintaining an extensive collection of Flash and multiplayer games.


Play-by-email science fiction strategy game. Presents news and updates, maps, forums, and details on playing.

Play by Electron Games

Discusses the concept of email game playing and features a few samples of PBeM games.


Python based play-by-email system available under General Public License.

TATT Postal

Play-by-email football management game. Presents online results, forums, and downloads.

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