Horror Board Games

All Wound Up

Game of the dead. Involves a race of corpses in the graveyard. Official rules and previews provided.

Arkham Horror

Card and board game for one to eight players. Read through the rules and get a game set to play.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Review of the horror game from Avalon Hill. Points out the highlights while providing a very descriptive overview.

The Hills Rise Wild

Official website of the miniature and monstrous hillbilly game manufacturer and publisher. Presents downloadable items, game introductions, and answers to frequently asked questions.

La Tana dei Goblin

Free gaming association aims to spread and share information on different games with horror or fantasy themes. Presents reviews and convention lists as well.

Museum of Talking Boards

Site devoted to Ouija boards, with compilation of theories and stories.

When Darkness Comes

Tile-based board game that integrates roleplaying with board gaming. Official rules, expansions, and accessories presented.

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