Smartphone Apps

Anime Doctor

Large resource (7,000+ details) in this app with specialized knowledge about anime.


Receive voice announcements from all types of applications such as SMS, Gmail, MMS, Gtalk, K-9 Mail, Plume, and Twidroyd.

AOL Mobile

Features a collection of apps for iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, and tablets.

App Annie

Analytics created just for the app market. It offers ranking and market intelligence tracking.

App Demo Store

Enables the creation of live demos, simulations, and tutorials for mobile computing device apps.

App Development Software

Offers information on free and paid mobile app development programs for iPhone and Android.

App Maker Reviews

Reviews of app builder software products that allow anyone to create a professional application without programming.

App Sites

Presents a showcase of apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.


Online directory of apps for mobile phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Android.


Android and iOS app builder featuring step-by-step wizards, preloaded app types, and "learn more" and hint buttons.


Online shop for mobile apps. Also helps app developers in networking and obtaining support from users.


Easy way to share live moments using a mobile device and is available for over 430 different phones. bambuser

Beautylish for Mobile

App for Android and iPhone that has the latest beauty tips, tricks and trends. beautylish


Cross-platform solution for creating customized smartphone applications for community groups, professional service organizations, and small businesses.

Cantcha Mobile Applications

Creates mobile app and web applications for religion and fitness needs.

Catalog Spree

Shop all the digital catalogs your heart desires. Easy to browse, share, and shop from your smartphone. CatalogSpree


Geo-location smartphone app for capturing photos, audios, and videos.


Instant backend that offers support for a developers vision from inception to perfection. cloudmine

CNET: Mobile Apps

Source for mobile app downloads, with top 10 charts and reviews.


Crash reporting solution that is light weight and was created for iOS and Android developers. crashlytics

Creative in Austria : Stocks

Fiance app designed to keep track of the stock market and track financial growth.

Disney Mobile Apps

Users can download and play the newest Disney games for mobile phones or tablets.

Smartphone application designed to prevent distracted driving.

Family Orbit

Family locator app with parental monitoring and family sharing to connect and safeguard loved ones.

Fluid UI

HTML5 web app where users can create fully dynamic mockups of mobile designs.


Eat better with information given from this mobile application about food choices. Scan, see, then select healthier items.


App that offers money for making sure you make it to the gym and get your work out. For iPhone and Android.


Free smartphone application that enables users to do push-to-talk communication over 3G, EDGE, and wi-fi.

Hotel Tonight

Get the best deals on last minute bookings at hotels in realtime from the hotels concierge.

I Love Your Hair

Interested in hair and hairstyles, or new hair trends, then this mobile app will help with that. houseofmikko


Authorized Google business apps reseller and consultant. #Inovado1


Full service software development and mobile application development company founded in the UK in 2007.

Intertech: Marmalade Consulting

Delivers a range of mobile development consulting services.


Android and iOS app serving as a virtual suggestion box to help businesses in improving their products and customer experience.


Android and iOS application for finding items in nearby stores at the best price available.

Junglee Teen Patti

Users can download and play Free Teen Patti game App on mobile phones and tablets. junglee3patti


Camera app for mobile phones that can simulate a woodblock print, Fisheye Lomo, CRT screen, plus 23 more filters.


Track air milage, bonuses, and rewards program on this award winning app developed for Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Mobile Apps Gallery at

Collection of useful government apps compiled and housed at These apps provide a quick way to get services and information. USAgov

More Than A Map

Get an inside view of how Google Maps API can be used when creating apps for businesses.


Makes shopping and replenishing daily used supplies an easy task. Just tap and ordering is done and then delivered to your home. netplenish


Provides trusted alerts from public safety agencies and police departments. Most phone carriers are supported.


Makes sharing all moments of your life, travel, work, and movies quick and easy.

The Recapp

Offers reviews, ratings, and video demonstrations for popular smartphone applications. Users can search and browse by category and topic.


Tap into the local "scene" and quickly determine where the best place to go is. The app is for both iPhone's and Android's.


Offers a seamless way to order and pickup or order and get foods delivered, all with the use of a Smartphone.


Points to reviews from teachers and parents for Smartphone apps that help children learn.


Share as you discover great fashion in the stores around you. App is available for Android and iPhone.


Application offering a daily showcase of applications.


Mobile community app that is focused on fashion and lifestyle.

This is Dragontape

Mobile app that creates video mixtapes in just minutes by dragging songs into a timeline. dragontape

Tips Around Me

Locate restaurants and venues near your current location from this mobile app that includes user reviews.


Fashionistas can use this app to take and share photos of up to date fashions.


Smartphone application that allows users to make free phone calls and text messages.


Social video with revenue sharing where users get paid for every ad that is viewed. videofyme


GPS navigation with turn by turn routes in real-time from other drivers.

Wunderlist 2

App created to provide a beautiful but simple to use "to-do" list.

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