Unix Administration

Doom as a Tool for System Administration

Contains a discussion about the benefits and issues with using Doom as system administration tool.

GNU/Linux Command Line Tools Summary

Contains list of various tools available to GNU/Linux systems with brief overview.

Hubba's Unix Resources

Provides documentation on AIX, Solaris, Linux, SCO and other Unix resources.

Learning Unix

Contains list of books with brief descriptions and authors for users and systems administrators.

Linux System Administrators' Guide

Describes system administration aspects using Linux. Includes overview, system monitoring and memory management.

Linux System Resources

Contains documentation of resources for system administration. Includes archives, tips and applications.

LiveFire Labs: UNIX System Administration

Teaches fundamentals of administering server running UNIX OS, with hands-on exercises. Plus testimonials, overview and course list.

MKS Software

System administration Windows automation tools provider. Includes news, articles and services.

RootPrompt - Nothing but Unix

Explains how to write perl script that can monitor disk space under UNIX or Linux. Includes featured articles and news.

Storix System Backup Administrator for Linux

Provides back-up management and system recovery software for Linux. With overview and download.

SysAdmin Talk

Discusses routines of system administration, with categorized forums. Includes brief overview and information on registration.

Tariq Nazir's UNIX, Networking and Scripting Resources

Directory of links to technical topics, includes tips and software.

Unix and Linux Solutions and Utilities

Support systems in migrating Unix/Linux and develop applications. Includes LogScan, AcctAge, downloads and reference guide.

Unix System Administrator Resources

Source of information on Unix for system administrator. Includes news archives, articles and FAQs.

USAIL: Unix System Administration Independent Learning

System administrators and reference resource project, intended as an independent study course.


Provides basic services such as remote system administration and technical support specifically for Hosting Companies or server owners.

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