VMS Operating System

Computing.Net - OpenVMS Forum

Contains categorized question and answer forum by topic.

DECUServe Journals

Provides documentation of DEC journals with detailed information.


Provides information on hardware configuration, operations automation and disaster recovery planning. Includes archives, downloads and articles.

FreeVMS: freshmeat.net

Consists of POSIX kernel and DCL command line interpreter; runs on i386, PPC and Alpha.

Hewlett Packard: OpenVMS Systems

Provides an overview of the OpenVMS V8.4 on Integrity Server Blades and includes news, features, datasheets and presentations.

Montagar Software Concepts

Provides consulting and products for Alpha/AXP and Compaq's OpenVMS VAX platforms. Plus business links and DECUS information.

OpenVMS Hobbyist Program

HP and OpenVMS engineering program. Includes overview, downloads, forum and FAQs.

OpenVMS Training: PARSEC Group

Specializes in technical consulting services, focuses on HP’s VAX, Alpha, and Itanium platforms using OpenVMS and various software products.

OSdata.com: OpenVMS

VMS and OpenVMS OS foreword, provides brief overview and references.

Robert Gezelter - OpenVMS Consulting Services

Software Consultation on OpenVMS related issues and technologies. Includes system management, secure applications and networking.

Software Resources International

Specializes in business software applications through migration, emulation and system enhancement. Contains list of products with descriptions.

VMS Tuning

Portal to information about OpenVMS Sysgen parameters, intended for use by system manager and technical personnel.

XDelta Limited - DECUS Sessions by Colin Butcher

Presents seminar slide sets for download as well as articles and presentations.

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