SuSE Linux Distribution

Apt for SuSE

Provides RPM repository and installation instructions to users. With overview, tips, FAQs and links.


Lightweight alternative and replacement for SuSE's Yast OnlineUpdate, designed for usage in cron jobs. Includes list of features and screenshots of application with brief descriptions.

Guru's RPM

Access to RPM packages for various free software projects. Plus installation sources and news.


Consists of various open-source applications for SuSE 7.X and 8.0 distribution.


Community program sponsored by Novell, to promote Linux. Includes project goals, overview and documentation.

Community-driven version of distribution forums with various topics to assist Linux users. Provides registration information, members list and FAQs.


Builds software packages, with list of daily releases. Plus brief overview and documentation.

SUSE Linux Cool Solutions

Developers and users community which offers free tolls to download, tips, articles and FAQs.


Contains community forum, tutorials, FAQs and related links.


Portal to information on novice SUSE Linux users. Includes installation instructions, tutorials and news.

Unofficial SuSE FAQ

Compilation form SUSE Linux mailing list. Contains brief background, guides and tutorials.

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