Firefox Blogging Extensions


Blog searching capability for Firefox. Scans through Blogger's posts and user profiles and provides full Blogger support straight from the browser.


Offers Firefox-integrated buttons and menus for managing marks in


Feeds creation and community-powered RSS feeds sharing add-on designed for obtaining updates on changes in websites that don't offer their own RSS feeds.


Firefox add-on that enables the quick grabbing of embedded videos on webpages for posting to blogs. Works with WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Deepest Sender

Operates as a blogging client from within Firefox, SeaMonkey, and XULRunner. Supports LiveJournal, WordPress, and Blogger.

Livejournal Friends Checker

Monitors and displays updates about friends' new LiveJournal blog posts.

Livejournal Hook

Integrates LiveJournal specific tags and text formatting in Firefox's context menu. With automatic selections of privacy setting and user icon and the ability to post with BBcode tags.

WordPress Helper

Offers help and tools in working with the WordPress blogging platform. Also features update notifications on new versions of WordPress, website profiles, and custom shortcuts.

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