Google Chrome

Angry Birds for Chrome

Play the Angry Birds game in HD (high definition) online with the Chrome browser.

Chrome extension that searches for Gmail attachments by file name.

Chrome AdBlock

Free Chrome extension for blocking web adverts. Features advanced resource blocking, blacklist and whitelist wizards, and one-click filter subscriptions.

Chrome Experiment #500

Celebration of 500 different Chrome experiments using JavaScript.

Chrome Experiments

Web project created by designers and programmers worldwide aimed at showcasing experiments for JavaScript and web browsers using the latest open standards.

Chrome Plugins

Offers various Google Chrome plugins and themes. With forums for Chrome users and those interested in testing the program.

Chrome Story

Features posts on making the most out of Google's web browser. Presents how-to guides, extensions, themes, and tips.

Unofficial forum for users of the Google Chrome web browser, operating system, and related apps.


Collection of extensions for the Google Chrome browser complete with screenshots, descriptions, and author and user ratings.


Resource site dedicated to Google's web browser, OS, Chrome themes, plugins, and extensions. With tweet feeds and forums.


Google Chrome extension that makes link, video, image, and music sharing simpler and faster.

Google Chrome

Official download and information page for the Google web browser.

Google Chrome Addons, Themes, and Plugins

Collection of functional and aesthetic modifications or supplemental facilities for the Google Chrome web browser.

Google Chrome Extensions

Offers a wide range of add-ins for the Google Chrome browser including toolbars and bookmarks, alert and update function plug-ins, multimedia handling utilities, and webmaster and SEO tools.


Interactive music experience created to be played on the Chrome Browser. Bands can jam with members simply by being online and in real time.

Peanut Gallery

Using Chrome components this interactive experiment allows users to title and add commentary to silent films they've created.


Offers a number of productivity, utility, and game extensions for the Google Chrome browser.


Interactive film experience for the Chrome browser created by Chris Milk.

Silver Bird

Enables Twitter account monitoring through Google's web browser. Supports the creation of shortened URLs and tweets caching.

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