Internet File Sharing Clients


File sharing program for Macintosh systems.


Privately held web publishing and sharing company.


Free, secure and fast peer to peer file sharing where user can search, download and burn music.


Peer to peer file sharing program for Macintosh.

Just created a "drop", basically a chunk of space, to privately share files by web, email, fax or phone.


Smart file viewer enables users to view files without downloads.

Endeavors Technology

Application streaming technology and a new way of distributing software applications.


Program that can find, fetch, share and play music that is freely available for file sharing.

Offers free online file sharing with flexible security. Provides information about free group share sites.

Let's Crate

Quick and easy way for sharing files through web browsers without the need for setting up accounts or installing software. Dragging a file to the page uploads the file and generates a download link.

Mute File Sharing

Peer-to-peer network that provides easy search and download functionality while protecting user’s privacy.


Offers free personal fileserver for synchronization with up to 5 computers, free public fileserver for sharing files, and team fileserver for collaboration with other users.


Allows users to quickly upload files to sites that support HTTP uploads as well as to FTP servers. Also creates a list of uploaded files in UBB or HTML code to paste into forums or websites.


Free service facilitates the sending of big files too large to be sent as email attachments.


Built-in people matching system for meeting new friends and plain free file sharing application.


Unlimited music downloads from diverse music genres.

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