Internet Privacy Tools


Get this easy to use and easy to install program for that focuses on ad blocking during web browsing.

Anti Tracks

Comprehensive privacy protection and PC performance solution. Tracks and deletes Internet activities and programs history information hidden or stored in computers.


Browser add-on that provides an interactive visualization of various entities that track a user's behavior online.

Internet Cleaner

Facilitates the deletion of Internet history tracks and junk files on PCs. Removes lists of recently visited sites including viewed documents, pictures, and videos.

Privacy Central

Assists consumers in identifying, controlling, and protecting identities by locating personal information across the web.

Privacy Guard

Windows-based software that permanently erases unwanted files, Internet history, cookies, and temporary and custom specified files.

Privacy Software Corporation (PSC)

Experienced specialist in Internet privacy and protection serving small businesses and enterprise customers.

PrivacyView Software

Protects Internet privacy and computer security through Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

Spy Detect

Get to know the features of this complete online protection package. Learn some Internet browsing security trivia as well.

SpyCop Cloak

Security software that includes alerts for keyloggers, spyware, viruses, trojans, password recorders, chat and email recorders, as well as website and screen recorders.

Stealth Browser Pro

Free privacy browser that focuses on online trade protection.

System & Internet Washer

Privacy solution designed to clean up all tracks of Internet and computer activity. Integrates with Internet Explorer and erases browser cache, history, cookies, typed URLs, and autocomplete lists.

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