Visual Basic Tools

32-bit Brandable Application Software Development Kit

Tool designed for VB 6.0 features development specially in creation of ebooks has power to increase viral marketing of a product.

Advance Imagery Library V. 2.1.1

Edit pictures and save it in over 32 image file formats.

Ax Tools

Contains productivity tools for Visual Basic and

Code Colorizer

Defines the tool that can transform ASP, Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic source codes into syntax-highlighted HTML files. Includes a demo program and sample scripts.

Edelwise Inc.

Offers tools for software devleopment in Visual Basic at an affordable price.

EntiSoft Tools

Information about the Professional Edition of the tool. Includes a manual, sample code, and downloadable versions.

HALLoGRAM Publishing

Collection of numerous purchasable tools with descriptions, feature lists, and screen images.

Measurement Computing

Aims in supplying efficient data acquisition software and hardware for customers. Offers free downloadable programs.

Simply Solutions

Advertises Visual DLL which makes VB routines into Windows DLL.

SourceForge: Visual Basic 6 Sources to Visual C++ 6 Converter

Offers the VB software for free downloading including its release notes.

VBto Converter

Presents the software that is capable of transforming Visual Basic v6.0 project into source files. With FAQs, screenshots, and a downloadable version.

Visible Progress Technologies

Supplies downloadable VS Law versions with feature lists, screenshots, and code reviews.

Visual Basic Documentation Generator

Highlights the program that can create documents from source comments. Provides a screen image, feature list, demos, and downloads.

Visual Code Scan 6

Introduces the project that scans for dead codes and unused variables. Includes screenshots, and downloadable versions.

Visual Expert

Produced by Novalys, this tool enhances saving speed, generates code documentation in minutes and change application without the side effects on files.

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