Visual Basic Source Code

A1 VBCode

Browse over a thousand source codes that are pre-tested to ensure workability of the applications.

BlackBelt VB

Caters to all VB users from amateur to experts providing sample codes, user controls and softwares.

Brad’s VB-32 Programs and Samples

Avail free VB sample codes and programs. Visual Basic

Helps VB users by giving online help, downloads, links, and forums.


Directs users to an array of tools and codes for VB without any charge.

CodeGuru: Visual Basic

Developer website contains user tips on how to use soucre codes.

Dutch’s VB Code Library

Loaded with codes and information on how to use it.

Free VB codes

Maintains largest database of codes in the internet.

Kather Produkties

Provides VB source codes. Learn on how to use VB in different ways.

Namespace Edanmo

Displays source codes ready for free download for own consumption in programs.

Visual Basic Code

Archives VB source codes and code samples.

Visual Basic Source Code

Contains VB source codes and overview on its usage. Recommended for VB new users.

Visual Basic Source Code Depot

Download zip-file of available project source codes with basic instructions on how to use it.

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