Smalltalk Programming Language

2002 Dr. Dobb’s Excellence in Programming Awards

Article on the object-oriented programming and Smalltalk language pioneering.

Cincom Smalltalk

Contains screencasts, publications, tutorials, and product documentations.

Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd

Presents a Smalltalk consulting company doing Macintosh and Smalltalk projects. Has links to Macintosh, Smalltalk and Linux resources.

Differences between C++ and Smalltalk MT

Comparison of programming languages’ syntax based on its operators, DLL and debugging.

InformationWeek: Smalltalk Gets Developers Talking

Discusses programming language’s development. Also covers technology with similar approaches.

Instantations: Smalltalk

Provides information on the language’s history, products, guides and references.

Outbacksoftware: Smalltalk

Description on the second-oldest object-oriented programming language, with basic tutorial and links to related sources.


Developed by veteran Smalltalk developer Peter Lount, provides Smalltalk community an active Smalltalk information center.

Smalltalk Programming Language

Contains history, sample programs, language features, and related tutorials and versions.

Smalltalk Programming Language Information

Includes Smalltalk programming language tutorials, FAQs, book recommendations, and Smalltalk news and events.

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