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Atelier in the Blue Sky

Text preprocessor, aftercommit, CD player, extension library for zlib, patches. Ruby

Applications: cal, dvipc, gtkcal, luna, nqt, rar, prof, stared, tkcal, tr-list, wc, Just another Ruby hacker; Libraries: calendar, date2, delay/force, once, smf. By Tadayoshi Funaba.


Full RADIUS protocol and utility library, protocol conforms to RFCs 2865, 2866; utilities are useful for many common system administration tasks. Description, documents, downloads, contact. [Open Source, GPL].


Many useful, interesting applications, libraries: scripts, patches, extension modules, documents. English, Nihongo.

Ruby Application Archive

Hosts over 1,000 open source Ruby projects, over 700 owners.

Ruby/Gtk Example: Tic-Tac-Toe

Short introduction to Ruby/Gtk by example. Shows how to inherit Gtk+ elements and the use of a recursive MiniMax tree search.


Set of methods to create, verify, and manipulate passwords. Has interface to CrackLib library commonly used to check password strength. Intended use: system administrators who need programs to prompt for, generate, verify, and encrypt passwords.


Hosts over 1,000 open source Ruby projects, over 6,000 registered users; much of the Ruby community is here. Descriptions, news, downloads, links, site statistics. [InfoEther, Inc.].


Software and several translated articles on programming and running Ruby on Windows. "Zakki-Cho" = "Notebook" in Japanese.

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