PL-SQL Programming Language

O’Reilly: Oralce PL/SQL Programming

Showcases fourth edition of the book by Feuerstein. With description and cover image.

Oracle FAQ’s: PL/SQL

List of frequently asked questions on Procedural Language extension and Structured Query Language.

Oracle Knowledge Base: Code Exchange Archives

Collection of source codes for Database, PL/SQL, and Structured Query Language. Allows registered members to submit their own codes.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming

Provides training courses, newsletter subscriptions, and software solutions for customers and users.

Oracle Technology Network: PL/SQL

Imperative 3GL designed for executing Structured Query Language commands. With news, articles, FAQs, release versions and related books.


List of the programming language’s topics, includes brief descriptions and source codes.

Total Knowledge: MOD_PLSQL

Presents Oracle-based Apache module designed for creating web applications. With feature list, version history, and related files.

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