PHP Content Management Scripts


Features catalog of design templates that are compatible with PHPNuke, OSCommerce, and WordPress.

Boast Machine

Publishing software in PHP language supports user levels and profiles. Provides feature list, templates, edition release, and add-ons.

ClanAdmin Tools

Created especially for gamers, it allows log-in with many users, games scripts, and improvised support for games.

CMS Quick Start

Provides Drupal templates, custom web design, and theming services.

Complete Site Manager

Gives developers a chance to create high quality web sites using systematic thus fast applications.


Offers e-Commerce engines and organization management systems for generating websites.

Content Management System for Phprojekt

Controls and delivers articles, sounds, and related content for websites. Includes list of highlights, diagram of functionality, version release, and documentations.

DASystem Project

Website dynamic content administration system contains feature list, API documentation, screen images, and demo.

Digital Scribe

Software posts student homework on the web. Contains user manuals, version changes, and functionality descriptions.


Has flexibility to support weblogs to large community sites. Scripts are already tested of bugs.

Offers free content management system fully equipped for custom sites. Visit the site for constant development and updates.


Community of developers provides information on generating plugins for the content manipulation software.


Made up of PHP-written modules and MySQL database that allows editing of the contents of your site from any webpage.

GreenBeast CMS

Update contents of a site as a fast, secure, and simple process.

Hodfords: AuthorSmith

Presents enterprise platform for organizing and delivering content. Also includes list of feature updates, screen image, and manuals.

Lithium CMS

Content administration system creates portal sites and provides blocks, skins, modules and add-ons.


Content Management System houses user-friendly and feature-rich applications.

Monaural Jerk

Allows you to create a journal for free to be utilized in the weblogs of your site.

MySource Matrix CMS

Freeware administration software supports average-sized to large companies for content locking and editing. Includes flash presentation, module list, and training courses.


Multiple-user web portal generator uses Hypertext Preprocessor and Extensible Markup Language frameworks. With screenshots, feature descriptions, demo, tutorials, and manuals.


Installs and runs interactive websites. Provides highlight descriptions, demo, case studies and customer testimonials, and version releases.

Open PHP Nuke

Software generates, manages and maintains website contents. Provides article posts and support forum.

Open Source CMS

Tests and advertises content administration system such as Subdreamer, PHPCow, Bitrix Site Manager, and Instant Update.

PHP Maid

User-friendly system allows one to easily modify their site as they please.


Company offers web development solutions for website creation. Provides product descriptions, demos, and price listings.


System written in Hypertext Preprocessor 4 and MySQL database for newspaper and magazine online publishing. Includes project goals, sample sites, template tag details and reference.


File managing system searches and creates directories. Presents screen images, release, and feature list.


Offers website management, design and hosting solutions. With FAQs, feature lists, and module collection.


Content administration system with Hypertext Preprocessor framework. Provides documentations, editions, screenshots, and benefit list.


Provides PostNuke and PHPNuke theme designs, with details and screen images for websites.


Refreshes and reveals SMS from mobile phonses. With release version, live testing, and sample sites.

Softbiz Scripts: Jokes and Funny Pictures

Image online publisher presents feature lists and demonstrations.

SourceForge: Philex

PHP and JavaScript-based administration application manages various websites.

SourceForge: PHP Fusebox CMS

User guide and documentation for content administration software using PGP and MySQL.

SourceForge: phpReactor

Collection of integrated applications includes content management, forums, polls, e-cards, and chat event for user interaction.


Presents HTML Auto Theme system that edit and manage themes. Provides FAQs and user guide with examples, image galleries, and tutorials.

Supercharged Software

Product list includes CMS websites, Newsletters, and Image Vote. Provides feature lists, demos, installation directions, and pricing details.

Template for a Travel Site

Template designing system for posting of stories and images on own websites. Provides live demo, user manual, and style generator.


Offers groupware and content administration software solutions for Wikis, forums, image galleries, and link directory. Provides update articles, themes, and modifications.


Systems for building and designing e-Commerce websites. With price guide, project portfolio, and directory list.

Website Baker Project

Open Source System has multi-features like multi-administrators and multi-level page support.

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