PHP Chats and Forums

Code Comments: PHP

Discussion on programming languageā€™s mirror sites, documentation, installation, development, and databases.

DevNetwork Forums

Resource for PHP tutorials, codes, databases, code snippets, and related topics.


Bulletin board topics Foundation Builders, Flash User Interface components, and Programming Structures.

PHP Builder: Board

Support forum provides help and tool resources for Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language.

PHP Community: Forum

Discussion board covers Hypertext Preprocessor programming, databases, and documentation resources.


Discussion board topic list covers scripting language, MySQL, HTML, and Apache.

Siteownersforums: PHP/MySQL

Thread listing covers Hypertext Preprocessor and MySQL programming.

Tek-Tips Forums: PHP

Listing covers Hypertext Preprocessor-related resources.

TriPHP Discussion Forum

Hypertext Preprocessor-related topic category includes website development and search engines.


Bulletin board contains PHP, Apache, MySQL, and web development resources.

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