PHP Help and Tutorials

A Better Image Rotator: A List Apart

Display random images when page is refreshed, as well as ALT tags, captions and links.

Comipiling PHP and Apache 2 from Source on Linux OS

Information includes processes, apache, and PHP testing and enabling.

DevShed: Database Abstraction with PHP

Introductory on DB abstraction layer that comes with the PHP Extension and Application Repository.

Digital Web Magazine - Easy-peasy PHP

A good beginners introduction to PHP, with useful examples of conditional switches.

Digital Web Magazine: PHP for Designers

Article on the introduction of PHP scripting language, its syntax and execution.

Host Library: Configuring PHP5 to Run on IIS6

Instructions in running the Internet Information Services for the Hypertext language.

Host Library: Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux

Instructions in setting up the technologies on Linux operating system. Provides codes and function definitions.

Intertech: PHP Training

Provides introductory training in PHP. IntertechInc

Jason Bradley Online

Collection of tutorials created for the GIMP, SQL, PHP, HTML and JavaScript programming languages.

MySQL: Blobbing Data with PHP and MySQL

Article in making binary file repository using PHP and MySQL for storage purposes. Provides sample codes for illustration.

New York PHP: PHundamentals

Contains guide for the AMP Technology’s site development, programming, setup and installation.

OpenSourceTutorials: PHP

Chronology of tutorials associated with the PHP scripting language.

Optimizing PHP, tips and methodologies

Article on ways to optimize your PHP code. Discusses bottlenecks and tradeoffs, server configuration and some rules of thumb.

PHP : Writing cleaner code

This article is the first in a series that looks at bits of real-world code and explains ways to improve it: making code clearer and faster.

PHP Builder: Classes and PHP

Article aids in creating class on a web page using the Hypertext language.

PHP Builder: Comprehensible PHP Code

Article covers aspect of Hypertext Preprocessor code documentation, with examples and commentaries.

PHP Example Repository

Contains three parts of the article that discusses the plotting of the geographical information system using PHP language.

PHP Feedback Form with Source Code

Presents tutorial on PHP Hypertext Preprocessor Contact Form, with source codes provided.

PHP Function List

Index of documented function manuals using Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language.

PHP Manual

Shows outline of manual contents for Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language.

PHP Template with External CSS

Instructions on using Server Side, with web-based template for Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language. Contains source code and generated demo.

PHP: Configuration Manipulation with PHP Config

Introduces PHP-written toolset that can operate configuration files for lessening the number of code lines.

PHP: Handling File Uploads

A useful, dense, overview of how to upload files using forms and PHP. From the official site.

Pitfalls of Transactions with PHP

Articles disadvantages of database management system, with example tables and codes.

Saving Resources with phpCache

Guide to installation and implementation of PHP script for decreasing high server loads.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Article discusses implementation of SE-friendly Uniform Resource Locator methods namely Path Info, ForceType, Custom 404 Pages, and mod_rewrite.

Server Pages: Code Injection Vulnerabilities Explained

Describes CIV term used when a code is included into another outside source code. Provides examples and solutions for related cases.

Tech Republic: Better Web Ability Through a Text-Size Switcher

Tutorial in adding text-size switcher into web pages using the Hypertext Processor and Cascade Styling Sheets.

TekWire: Apache and PHP

Collection of tutorials delving into the compilation and installation of Apache and PHP languages into different Unix operating systems.

Three-Tier Development with PHP 5

Demonstration on PHP PEAR::DB_DataObject and Smarty’s three-tier development. Provides example codes for illustration.

Tizag: PHP Tutorial

Covers introduction on the scripting language’s installation, functionality and syntax, and samples.

Use BB Code in Your PHP Application

Discusses steps in learning and using BB code for Hypertext Preprocessor scripting language applications.

Using Cookies in PHP

Presents creation of web pages using PHP language-based stored text files.

Using PHP 5’s SimpleXML

Introduces feature of Hypertext Preprocessor 5 that convert Extensible Markup Language document into data structure. Provides related text and example codes.

Web Programming Tutorial

List of Hypertext Preprocessor language basic programming example codes for illustration.

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