Java Programming Official Documentation

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition v 1.4.2. API Specification

List of J2 packages with brief descriptions, interface and class summaries included for each.

Java 3 SDK, Standard Edition Documentation

Contains information about the J2Se platform with a diagram, release notes, document changes, downloads, user guides, tutorials and demos.

Sun Developer Network: Documentation

Documents on featured articles such as ones about the Abstract Window Toolkit, Java 2D features, Corba, Collections framework, JavaBeans component API and Input Method framework.

Sun Developer Network: Glossary

Word list of the Java programming language’s terminologies with definitions provided for each.

Sun Developer Network: Java Card Technology

Articles on the applications of the tool such as the Java Card platform specification and development kit version 2.2.2.

Sun Developer Network: Java Class Libraries Posters

Presents details on the classes in the J2 platform SE v1.4, and J2 platform EE v1.2. Shows screenshots and accepts online purchasing.

Sun Developer Network: Java IDL

Functions to include the Common Object Request Broker Architecture’s capacity into the platform in Java.

Sun Developer Network: Java Language Specification

Features three editions of the reference book that can be downloaded and purchased online.

Sun Developer Network: Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines

Features a list of the first edition textbook created for making cross-platform applets and applications. Offers an online version of the second edition text.

Sun Developer Network: Java Media Framework API

Programming interface that allows various media to be added to applets and applications. With demos and diagnostics for troubleshooting.

Sun Developer Network: Java Plug-in Technology

Details the tool that connects popular browsers and the programming language platform. With downloadable JRE, code samples and applets, and FAQs.

Sun Developer Network: Java SE Embedded Use

Features answers to frequently asked questions regarding the software and licensing. Also shows feedback from users.

Sun Developer Network: Java Virtual Machine Specification

Synopsis of the textbook including its preface and errata. Offers downloadable and purchasable versions of the first and second edition.

Sun Developer Network: JSLEE and the JAIN Initiative

Provides information about the updates on the Java programming language technologies.

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