Java Jini

Artima Developer

Comprises a discussion on the Service user interface and Place project, answers to frequently asked questions, available textbooks, and released articles.

Java Boutique: Jini

Defines the programming model that connects devices with each other to make personal communities and networks. Provides numerous articles, FAQs, and related links.

Jini Planet

Features two available resource textbooks that are available for online purchasing. Also provides explanations in troubleshooting and deployment developing.

Noel’s Nuggets

Compilation of downloadable examples and explanations for Jini, Quicktime, and Java. Also provides short proverbs taken from the Sacred Scriptures.


Organization that offers electronic devices and services for personal and military use. Provides tutorials, FAQs, downloads, and details on the application programming interfaces.

SourceForge: Java Jini Tools

Offers downloadable versions of the devices in Java with release notes provided.

Sun Developer Network: Jini Network Technology

Open software for building scalable and adaptable systems. Showcases product downloads, FAQs, white papers, tutorials and online sessions.

Sun: Jini Network Technology

List of the qualities and advantages of the open architecture. Includes FAQs, data sheet and free downloadable releases.

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