Java Standard Edition Implementations


Comprises of the available software, documents, downloads, resources and announcements of the Java project.


Consulting company that specializes in programming language and Java implementations, and complex transaction systems for its software development.

Novell: JVM for NetWare

Allows developers to run Java-based graphical and non-graphical applications, applets, and servlets. Comprises of downloadable versions and related documents.

SCO: Developers Network

Covers a list of implementations offered in the Java 2 platform standard edition 1.4.2 and 1.3.1. With downloadable binary compatibility modules and J2SE versions.

Sun Developer Network: Java SE at a Glance

Contains the latest and featured updates of the J2 platform. Offers tutorials, quizzes and training for developers.

Sun: Community Source Listening

Explains the capabilities that software developers can do with the availability of the J2SE source code. Provides downloads, tutorials, and case studies.

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