Java Implementations


Offers consultancy and training services for real-time and embedded software development. Includes downloadable demos, and evaluation versions available by request.


Provides screenshots, downloadable releases and notes, FAQs and other related documents on the project.

Classpath Extensions

Presents the GNU classpath extensions project that creates free editions of the extension libraries in Java.

GNU Classpath

Recounts updated information about the project’s versions that are available for downloading. Includes release notes, answers to frequently asked questions, and success stories.

GNU Compiler for the Java Programming Language

Chronicles news and other updates on the source code compiler. Contains FAQs, a GCJ manual and various instructional documents.

IBM: Developer Kits

List of downloadable releases of development systems for the Java programming language with guides that consider the kits’ security and platforms.

Java Virtual Machine

Provides information about the foundation of the Java platforms called the JVM. With FAQs, updates associated news and downloadable versions of its software.

JC Virtual Machine

Implementation of the JVM that is able to convert class files into C source files with its list of features and other related documents.


Presents the Java-based compiler that transforms source files in the Java programming language. With FAQs, downloads, and viewable bugs.

JN Bridge

Features the latest product called JNBridge Pro with discussions on its performance and interoperability. Comprises of white papers, demos, case studies, and examples for added information.


Defines the implementation of the JVM with downloadable release versions. Contains answers to several frequently asked questions, list of ports and projects, and a gallery of screenshots.

Open Run-time Platform

Contains downloadable files for the ORP open-source implementation. Each file includes a release note.

SourceForge: JJOS

Offers a free downloadable open Java-based operating system that merges jJOS kernel and decaf VM.

World Wide Walrus: Java for the Amiga

Contains introductory information, downloads with installation discussions, and projects and packages about the Amiga.

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