Java Graphics and Animation Applets

Alex Rosen’s Home Page

Showcases Java applets namely the AlexWarp and Rainbox which allows users to perform image and graphic editing.

Amazing Spiro Applet

Presents the Spiro Applet version 1.0 that allows users to draw on a canvas. Includes sample images, background information, and downloadable applications.

Astral Visuals

Provides a collection of visual effects such as 3d visuals, screensavers, VJ visuals and others. Some of the visual effects are available for online purchasing.


Index of numerous Java applets such as sliders, slippers, slideways, newsmaker, news, Navajo menu, iPanner, snapshot and other featured applets. All applets are available for free downloading.


Highlights several Java applets like ripple, lake, huerot, snow, pool, deform and doodle applets that can enhance images.


Online vector drawing applet and application with free access. Provides source codes, tutorials, and frequently asked questions.

Freedom VR

Presents Freedom VR2 as an uncomplicated Java applet that allows users to embed photographic VR in the internet without using any plug-ins.

Inline FLI/FLC Player in Java

Introduces the inline player for FLI/FLC that runs on Java applet and that works in 3 easy steps. Explains the advantages and disadvantages in having the program.

Interactive Color wheel

Shows instructions, color wheel information, and details of auxiliary characteristics. Offers list of color links and related resources about the topic.

Java Applets

Contains Java applet games and tools such as wheel of fortunes, chess, painting, banner, and blurring. Each have instructional controls in using the programs.

Kackies Applets

Features numerous applets such as the Fall of Dreams, Winter Beauty, New English, Rain Forest, Bermuda, Titanic and The Car.

Kisekae World

Online program called UltraKiss that serves as an interactive game that lets users change their virtual dolls’ costumes.


Features updates and releases related to the Java applets and Java script programs. Provides links to other associated programs.

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