Fortran Programming Language

Apple Mailing Lists

Development community covers discussion on Fortran programming language’s usage on Mac operating system. Offers subscription, message archives, and FAQs.


Archives of Fotran 90 codes, modules, paradigms and programs arranged yearly with details on the date and the programmer.

British Computer Society Fortran Specialist Group

Information and background about the organization. List of activities dated from the past and the future.

Clive Page’s list of Fortran Resources

Highlights the F programming language and the different kinds of Fortran resources with each given concise descriptions.

Cloudy’s Journey from Fortran to C, Why and How

Paper on the argument of the conversion of the Fortran programming language into C.

F90 Course Development

Project seminars and courses in Fortran programming language. With descriptions and several file releases.


Contains Fortran compiler testing and evaluation, benchmark sites, resources, floating-point notes and other downloadble compilers, tools and software.

The Fortran Company

Offers on-site training with demonstrations, documentation, and interactive training. Directory of numerous Fortran products available.

Fortran Friends

Includes the latest news and press releases related to the programming language. Provides links for additional information.

Fortran Library

Directory of announcements, books, free software and patches, news groups, consultants and other topics concerning Fortran.

IBM - Server clinic: Fortran, at home on Linux

Contains an article about the ease of porting the programming language to Linux. Features the standards, compilers, tools, and other Fortran contributions to the Linux operating system.

Is the Quality of Numerical Subroutine Code Improving?

Technical report describes building of software complexity measures with Fortran metric tools.

Objexx: Fortran to C++ Conversion

Translation service aims to preserve Fortran’s semantics and syntax. Includes code illustration samples.


Consultancy offers Fortran compilers, tools, white papers and books. Provides information and price lists.

University of Linkoping National Supercomputer Centre

Includes Fortran 95/90 documents and tutorials by Bo Einarsson with English and Swedish versions.

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