C Programming Language

C Board

Forum on C programming with sections for programming book and product reviews, general AI programming, contests, projects, and job opportunities.

C Fanatic

Online C developers' community. Includes discussions on C++, C#, shell scripting, Win32, MFC, advanced programming, and C tutorials.

C Forum

Provides details on some questions about C++, places to look for C++ programming advice and information about other related issues.

C Programming

Features C programming resources, programming channels and solutions.

C++ Programming Tips

Shows information about C turorial structures, generic algorithms and programming articles.

International Obfuscated C Code Contest

Features the winning entries for this programming contest. Includes previous winners, judges and winner profiles.


Features international C code contest, list per nation and other relevant issues.

Nerd Wide Web

Displays some new Nerd-ware: nerdworld branded items and hardware, software and cellular phones, gadgets as well as gizmos.

Programmers Help

Provides details on programmers help for C programming with source code, compilers, books, tutorials and links to other sites of interest.


Shows information about logic programming, parsing, compiling with free books and tools, sources and information about technologies.

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