Open Source OpenGL Software


OpenGL program designed to switch virtual desktops in a 3-dimensional manner on Linux.


Tool designed for exploring and simulating cellular automata in 3D space. Works with Linux and Windows.


Free, cross-platform OpenGL and OpenAL wrapper for C# and other .Net languages. May be used with Windows.Forms or a standalone application.


Software developed to generate 3D simulations of the Solar System's bodies. Runs on Linux and Windows.


Enhances 8 or 16 bit depth images. Uses several restoration techniques including transportation, diffusion, and multiresolution.


Free virtual planetarium featuring a realistic 3D sky, time control, multilingual interface, enhanced visuals, and customizability.

Vincent ES 1.x

3D rendering library based on the OpenGL ES 1.1 API specification. Site presents screenshots and related news.

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