Computers Open Source Advocacy

Armenian Open Source Software Portal

Develops the cutting of edge technologies by endorsing advantages of open source. Shows support to various open source software projects.

Debian's Social Contract

Presents the association's "social contract" with the users of their freeware.

Development, Ethical Trading, and Free Software

Shows a paper detailing the pros and cons of open source usage.

Europa Union - Information Society

Presents activities for free and open source software. Provides information on activities conducted within European programs.

Free Software Advocacy

Advocates for social justice and develops the synergies between free software and politics.

Free Software Foundation Europe

Provides information about a European organization that actively supports the development of free ware especially GNU-based operating systems such as Linux.

GNU - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Dedicated to promoting computer users' right to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs.

Microsoft Boycott - The Alternative

Highlights a comprehensive list of replacements for Microsoft products. With the campaign's brief historical background.


Offers daily Mozilla news and advocacy.

Nonprofit Open Source Initiative

Facilitates the use of open source software in the nonprofit sector. With a short history of the open source organization.

Open Source Advisory Service

Provides information of the top tips for selecting open source software. With news and events of the organization.

Open Source for Lithuania

Promotes the usage of free and open source software in Lithuania. Participates in various projects at governmental and international levels.

Open Source Initiative

Non-profit corporation dedicated to education, promotion, and advocacy of Open Source benefits. Includes definitions, background, standards, and resources.

The OpenScience Project

Initiative aimed at writing and releasing free and open source scientific software useful in processing and analyzing experimental data and in interacting with theoretical models.

Python Software Foundation

Non-profit organization seeking to encourage developers to create open source, python based programs.

Software Freedom Day

Provides educational information about the availability of free and open source software.

Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Helps organizations develop and distribute open hardware and software. With contact information.


Aims to promote the use of open source tools and applications. Features an online discussion forum.

ZYTRAX: Open Source Advocacy

Discusses pros and cons of Open Source related to business, development, and education.

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