Email Help and Tutorials

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email

Provides an introduction to email including presentations about its format, page layout, formality, and jargon.

A Guide to Electronic Mail

Introduction to email and information on its components, protocols, storage and retrieval, format, encryption, authentication, setup, and etiquette.

The Animated Internet: How E-Mail Works

Discussions on how email works, the parts of an email message, understanding email addresses, managing email, and preventing spam.

Dan's Mail Format Site

Guide to understanding email format and ensuring that emails sent are prepared in a clear, easily-readable, and compatible format.

Email Addresses Guide

Presents information on finding email addresses online, sending email to a phone, free web mail services, temporary email, and email software. Also features tools for Gmail.

E-Mail Questions

Answers to inquiries about using email accounts and features. Includes articles, reviews, an email directory, and help for major web mail services.

Email Technology, Tips and News

Offers information and insights on understanding email addresses, accounts, clients, configuration, setup, and use.


Presents information and resources on getting started with email, shortcuts, attachments, email clients, mailing list servers and utilities, security, and servers.


Presents the basics of emails, templates, and information on writing and managing them.

Sample, Samples

Provides sample business emails, forms, letter templates, and more.


Offers an "emotional spellcheck" for emails. Helps screen harsh words and expressions to prevent miscommunication.

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