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Articles and recommended reading on email use, setting up, functions, security, privacy, and support.


Offering easy, effective, and affordable email security with services which include spam protection, virus protection, and Microsoft exchange hosting.

Blacklist Monitoring

Email blacklist and email management information for IT administrators and marketers. Includes a free lookup tool to check address for blacklisting. eblm

Guide to free and for-fee email services, plus email tips and advice.

Offers insights on sending effective email replies. Provides discussions on email etiquette, email propriety rules, and implementing a company email policy.


Offers a temporary email address to those who want to avoid future spam, when signing up for forums and webforms.

Movable Ink

Allows users to send emails with dynamic content especially useful for email marketing. Helps increase clickthroughs and conversions. Also supports local maps, full-featured API, and creative optimization.

MX Police

Provides managed corporate email security to block spam, viruses, and phishing emails.


Email-based reminder system. Enables users to use their emails to receive one-time or recurring reminder messages through email.

Oh Life

Sends the user an email every night with the question of "how was your day?", as well as shows a previous response.


Offers anti spam software and email security, and monitoring for corporate email, and instant messaging.


Allows users to politely and anonymously ask their friends to stop sending unsolicited jokes, chain letters and urban myths to everyone in their address book.

Generates a short email link for forums, classifieds, and other online activities which helps reduce spam by making it impossible for bots to discover the actual email address.


Setup-free and easy to use email service that involves no software to download.

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