All in one tool site for all types of activities on the web.

Custom online profile and personal analytics dashboard powered by Consolidates all online accounts created for personal or professional use.

Is It Old?

Helps determine if a particular "interesting" link is already too old to share.

Just Let It All Out

Site for anonymously posting confessions, ill feelings, or emotional troubles through which burdens might be alleviated.

Provides an online space for listing, counting, tracking, and sharing life experiences and achievements.

Please Rob Me

Takes advantage of 4 Squares check in service to show a list of people who are not home.

Provides a way to highlight online milestones and show real world achievements. Includes support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, Kiva, Flickr, xBox, and Vimeo.


Online organizer that helps you keep all your internet activities together in one place.

The World Social Networking Ban Race

Offers an interactive map by country which shows which countries have banned social networking sites, and in many cases, discusses why.

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