Distributed Computing Companies

B and M

Offers IT technical services and support solutions. Also provides professional consultancy service.

Base One International Corp.

Features Microsoft’s application development environments for C#, Visual C++, and Visual Basic.

Cluster Resources, Inc.

Provides technical support services for the commercial Moab product line and the open source solutions that the company maintains and offers.

DataSynapse, Inc.

Provides an international application of virtualization software.

Digipede Technologies

Provides distributed computing solutions on the Microsoft.NET platform.

Entegrity Distributed Computing Environment

Provides network security, transparent service location, and cross-platform communication.


Offers expert technical services in grid computing and virtualization of distributed IT infrastructure.

HP Arjuna Labs

Offers middleware products, systems integration services and modified software solutions.

PolyServe, Inc.

Combines servers and storage into manageable and scalable databases.

Ubero Distributed Computing Solutions

Offers services including rental of pre-built applications service on the Ubero global distributed computing network and the development of distributed computing applications.


Develops adaptable and scalable platform-independent computing solutions.

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