Anxiety and Panic Disorder Products and Services

Anxiety & Stress Management Service of Australia

Markets self-help and practitioner programs in interactive DVD format. Includes information on anxiety, panic, causes, treatments, and therapies.

Range of developmental tools and information for dealing with anxiety attacks and panic disorders.

Health Assessment Tools: Stress Sweeper

Features stress management solutions including software. healthreviser

Just Relax

Manufactures all natural products to promote relaxation and stress relief. Includes information on anxiety and stress, coaching services, holistic health, and ordering details.

The Linden Method

Anxiety disorder and panic attack treatment program developed based on the process called operant conditioning, from the work of John Broadus Watson and Burrhus Frederic Skinner. Does not use drugs, therapy, nor hypnosis.

Relax Intuit

CD by stress relief expert Susie Mantell offering relief for sleeplessness, depression, grief, anxiety, and stress.

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