Electricity Cogeneration

American DG Energy

Provides low cost energy with efficient cogeneration and cooling systems. Offers equipment sales, turnkey installations and fully outsourced solutions.

ArcSine Engineering

Providing planning and design of cogeneration and hydroelectric facilities.

Cain Industries

Manufacturer of waste heat recovery systems for the gas and diesel cogeneration systems, boiler exhaust stack economizer systems, and fume incineration systems markets.

California Cogeneration Council

An ad hoc group of businesses that put gas-fired cogeneration to work for their own onsite energy and thermal needs, selling excess power to public utilities under long-term contracts.

Capstone Turbine Corporation

Producer of low-emission microturbine systems suitable for applications ranging from remote locations to city centers, delivering clean, high quality power from a wide variety of fuels, with superior safety, reliability and emissions.

Co-Energy America, Inc.

Providing new england with natural gas or propane fueled cogeneration units.

Cogen Plant

Marketing used cogeneration equipment and surplus cogeneration plants to power generation professionals.

Cogeneration Planners, LLC

Developing cogeneration business opportunities for industrial and commercial applications using the best available gas turbine and exhaust heat recovery systems and economic analysis of specific client needs.

DAI Oildale Inc.

A combined cycle facility with a General Electric LM-2500 gas turbine and an 8.0 megawatt steam turbine. Steam is sent to two oil leases for enhanced oil recovery.

Eppers Electric

A dealer and distributor for generators, specializing in large standby generators, and cogeneration projects.

George K. Moss Co. Inc.

Provides single or multi-stage turbines to fit cogeneration applications.

Innovative Steam Technologies

A manufacturing organization focused on helping power and energy producers generate more money by using once through steam generators and related technologies.

Intelligen Power Systems

Manufactures and supplies on site power generation and cogeneration equipment.

MicroGen Energy Corp.

Produces cogeneration systems, sales, installation, monitoring and service for restaurants, hotels, office buildings, healthcare facilities and industry.

NOVI Energy

Provides a broad range of services in energy management and energy infrastructure development for industrial, institutional, commercial and utility companies.

Polar Power Inc.

Manufactures natural gas or propane micro-cogeneration units, DC generators, battery chargers, solar refrigerators and renewable energy products.

Primary Energy Ventures, LLC

Creates value by recycling the heat, waste fuels and pressure drop normally discarded by industrial, electric generation and related processes.

Sierra Capital Services

Offers a full array of financing solutions including term loans, operating, capital and synthetic leases and its unique energy purchase agreements.

Steeb Energy

Specializing in wind power, biomass, cogeneration and power projects.

The Teaford Company

Designs, fabricates and installs biomass boiler, combustion, and drying systems for the forest products and biofuels industries.

Wellons, Inc.

Produces wood fired boiler and energy systems, electrical cogeneration, and lumber dry kilns.

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