Painters Pastels

Allaire, Anne Gable

Displays sample of fine artworks as well as articles by Anne Allaire.

Allison, Brooke

Collection of pastel, charcoal, and oil paintings with artist’s biography presented.

Antonelli, Cynthia Blair

Array of recent pastel paintings are being displayed.

Bartlett, Melissa

Artist’s studio features animal and landscape pastel art with purchasing details provided.

Bennerstrom, Susan

Works primarily in oil pastel on panel, and her paintings are about how she sees light; how light and shadow transform objects and spaces.

Castro Jr., Arcadio

Displays colorful, dynamic pastel paintings depicting such themes as professional boxing, baseball, and other sports figures.

Christine upstairs

Gallery of pastel paintings usually figurative, influenced by folklore and dance.

Dahl, Sandi

Pastel painting artist specializing in landscapes, drawing on her travels, and memories.

Edwards, Helen

Presents details on upcoming exhibitions, recent works, portraiture, and gallery.

Egan, Ellen

Pastel paintings depicting local landscapes and fellow creatures.

Hall, Jessica

Original pastel paintings of landscapes, florals, and portraits are being presented.

Hartman, Lesley, Ann

Displays gallery of Lesley Ann Hartman’s Arabian horse pastel paintings.

Hartmann, Glenna

Offers pastel paintings of mountain tops, beaches, rolling hills and canyon themes. Includes calendar, gallery and workshops.

Kelley, John

Displays recent pastel works by John Kelley.

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