Filmmaking Artists

Aldric La'Auli Porter

Highlights the story of the artist, such as his interest to write and create memorable movies. Also provides links to other sites and images.

Bas Jan Ader

Intriguing filmmaker and performance artist who disappeared 1975 while crossing the Atlantic in a small sailboat.

Chuck Voelter

Contains portfolio of the film production designer, which includes images of his drawings, biography, and resume.

Filmmaker Yurij Luhovy

Documentarian covering subjects that are uncomfortable. This award winning filmmaker shines a light on political and international subjects.

Mark Bridges: Eleven O'Clock Fashion Show

Showcases the production work of the artist in different movies. Includes reviews, schedules of presentations, profile of the costume and production designer.

SK Films

Film and television company creating documentaries and realistic 2D and 3D movies.

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