Literary Periods and Movements

The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations

Presents the various ways in which classic texts have been presented to audiences throughout time.

Gothic Undercurrents: Instructor Overview

Contains an overview about American literature specifically on the Gothic movement during the nineteenth-century.

Literary History

Contains an index to literary criticism on over 250 British and American writers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Also contains some information on 16th and 17th century authors.

Literary Movements

Gives information and background for several American literary movements, prominent authors, and more.


Compilation of English literature that highlights the periods and movements of the Medieval, the Renaissance, the 17th-Century and the Age of Restoration.

The Novel in Europe: 1670-1730

Contains information on early novels in various European languages, topics, a literary map, contemporary views, and an FAQ.

Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature in English

Anthology of literary pieces from various countries that became British colonies. Categorized according to geographical locations.

Psychedelic '60s: Literary Tradition and Social Change

Compilation of literary traditions that depict the social and political aspects during the sixties.

Women Writers Project

Offers a wide variety of texts dated from 1400-1850. The database is available by subscription only.

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