Norse Myths

Baldwin Project

Features an articles entitled, “In the Days of the Giants” by Abbie Farwell Brown, that narrates the Norse creation mythology.

Boudicca's Bard: Teutonic Mythology

Contains overview about the book that discusses the Germanic sagas and mythology. Also provides information about ancient Aryan civilization.

Eddas and Sagas

Provides a printable English translation of the story. With overview on various chapters included.

Germanic Mythology

Contains researches on the people's creation myth, cosmology, birth and life of the gods. Provides bibliography and review notes.

Germanic Myths, Legends and Sagas

Compilation and study of old Norse mythology and culture. Includes information about the gods and the vikings.

Journal of Germanic Mythology and Folklore

References on Norse or Teutonic mythologies. Contains copies available in print or downloadable issues.


Presents a study on the medieval literature of Iceland and showcases images of manuscripts.

Scandinavian Mythology and Folklore

Provides information about Norse mythology, family tree of the gods, and details on Scandinavian folklore. Also includes references for modern folklore.

Viking Religion

Contains a study on the relations of legends, myths, gods, ancient heroes, creation, and destruction of the universe based upon the original Germanic mythology.

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