Myths Information and Resources

Age of Fable Or Beauties of Mythology

Research conducted by Thomas Bulfinch. Contents include stories of gods and goddesses, King Arthur and his knights, Mabinogeon, hero myths of British, and the Legend of Charlemagne.

Encyclopedia Mythica

Offers information on world mythologies, sorted by geographical region and covering Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania.

Flood Stories from Around the World

Research paper conducted by Mark Isaak, features the similarities and differences of the versions of the flood story of various early civilizations.

Godchecker - Mythology with a Twist

Guide to various names and roles of gods and goddesses of world mythology. Provides listings of top gods and details about the pantheons.

Gods Metaphysics and Philosophy in Modern History

Discusses Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology, and how ancient myths are becoming the reality of modern times.

Gods, Heroes and Myth

Features the Arthurian Legend as well as Babylonian, Celtic, Egyptian, Native American, Norse, Greek, and Roman mythologies.

Gods, Monsters and Myths

Provides information on famous mythologies of Greece/Roman, Egypt, Japan, China, and India. Contains photo gallery and references.

Inuit Myths & Legends

Reviews mythological beings, traditional stories, and traditions. Includes interviews and teacher resources.


Presents a shrine of the horned gods. Contains details on deities of ancient and contemporary myths.


Anthology of mythologies categorized by culture or time frame. Provides insights on commonality or differences of themes.

Mythic Arts

Dissertation by Larua Strong, Ph.D., focusing on the study of the literary elements of mythologies and folklores.

Mythical – Folk

Online encyclopedia on mythologies and folklores. Also provides index of articles on related studies and discussions.


Features mythologies and arts of Greeks, Romans, and Celts. Subcategories include gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, lovers and legends, as well as creatures and chimerae.

Mythological Studies

Provides reading materials and resources about the images found in Indo-European mythologies.

Mythology – Richard McLaughlin

Contains glossary of mythological terminologies. Features myths of the Ancient Near East, Scandinavia, Celtic, and India.

Rachel's Mythology

Presents Norse, Gaelic, Egyptian and Classical mythologies of the world. Provides translations and details on various characters and places mentioned int the myths.

Uranus: Deity of the Heavens

Discusses the Roman fertility myth on the re-creation of the world after the flood. Includes other mythology creations from various cultures.

Windows to the Universe: Mythology

Explores the gods and goddesses of world cultures, mythological art, and classical, sun, moon, earth, stars, and sky mythology.

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