Science Fiction Fantasy Races and Creatures

Divanta's Pages

Offers fantasy creatures, gallery of images, poetry, personal profile, and web rings.

The Eldanar Tongue

Presents an Eldaren Language of Hermetic and Sylvan origin that includes downloadables and installer information.

Fairies of the Realm

Highlights on myths,dragons,knights,fantasy, legends and love.

Fantasy Folk

Features fantasy character pictures with a slick piece of software called Hero Machine and then fiddled with in a graphics program.

Garner Christine - Christines's Corner

Features art and stuff by Christine Garner that includes pencil, pastel and paint, pen and ink and digital illustration.

I Am Draco

Dragons, gryphons, werewolves and other fantasy creatures are presented on this online campaign site for equality. Also includes membership details, members list and more campaigns.

The Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball

Ninth Annual Fantasy Masquerade that features online tickets, artifacts, photo gallery, and information on the event.

Legends of the Trolls

Details include games, legends, and Norwegian culture.

Moonfairye's Mess

Page dedicated to fairies, dragons, and wizards. Check out entries on dark ballads, poems and short stories, recipes, and picture gallery.

Pegasus Roost

Provides Pegasus facts, pictures, art page, poetry, and animations.

The Pookas

Showcases the Pookas’ introduction and anatomy, photo album, Pooka pictures and troops, and contact details.

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