A Lace Lover's Diary

Includes descriptions of different styles of lace.

Alamo Bobbin Lacers

Site content includes photo gallery, upcoming events, crafts directory, lace features, links, and mailing list.

Allhallows Museum: Lace Making

Details the 400-year-old tradition of Honiton lace making, with class information and FAQs.

Barmen Machine Lace Sample Book From Le Puy

Images from a lace pattern book, which was bought in Le Puy, France and contains lace samples from 1910 - 1930.

Batten Lace

Simplified instructions for making battenburg lace. With photo gallery.

Beautiful and Practical Netting

Facts about the art of netting, plus pattern and images, links and supplies, printed materials, galleries, and other entries.

Bobbin Lace European Network

Online database covering bibliography, lace makers census, historical documents, designers, training features, gallery collections, exhibitions, and more.

Bobbin Lacers in CZ

Site featuring Bobbin lace.

Bobbin-A-Long School of Lacemaking

Lists gallery, patterns, how-to details, chapters and lessons, and video lessons on making bobbin lace.

Branscombe Parish: The Lace Industry

Article relates history and evolution of the Honiton lace industry in the area, including modern practice.

Brenda Paternoster

Gives lacemaking information, lace and textiles for sale, instructions, bibliography, gallery, and free patterns.

LaceFairy's Lacemaking Central

Resource site for Lace making related information. That includes lace identification, gallery, art, links, books, and articles.


For those who want to learn how to make and design lace, identify lace, collectors, or who wish to study lace and its history. Learning Bobbin Lace

Covers where to start, after the basics, equipment recommendations, online resources, and color coding system.

Point d'Alençon Lacework

Explains this labor-intensive technique, the history of Alençon lace, and provides information on the Fine Art and Lace Museum.

The Structures of Antique Lace

Marla Mallett, a fiber artist and student of historic ethnographic textiles, has posted about 100 pieces that illustrate ingenious structural designing in a rich variety of lace styles.

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